Pizza Industry Exposed: Surprising Trends and Shocking Predictions Revealed!


The pizza industry, a cornerstone of the culinary world, is undergoing significant changes. A recent survey of pizzeria owners across the United States provides a comprehensive look into the industry's sales forecasting, statistics, and emerging trends.

Sales Forecasting: Understanding the Future Market The survey posed a critical question regarding gross annual sales performance expectations in the next 12 months. The majority, 20.4%, anticipate their sales to remain flat. However, a notable 17.5% expect a 5-9% increase, and 16.2% foresee a 1-4% rise. An optimistic 10.6% predict a substantial 10-15% growth. Contrasting these positive outlooks, 22.2% of respondents expect a decrease in sales compared to the previous year. Despite the potential for gross sales stability due to 92.5% of respondents planning to increase menu prices, only about one-third of them predict an increase in profits, with 41% expecting a decrease.