Band saw for meat with meat grinder Foodatlas JG-250

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Meat band saw with meat grinder Foodatlas JG-250– designed for cutting, sawing and slicing meat and bones, poultry and fish, which are in a chilled or frozen state .

Band saws are used for sawing quarters, cuts and portion cutting of fresh and frozen meat products, incl. with bones, into pieces of various weights and sizes.

The meat band saw is intended for commercial use in enterprises, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, meat and fish shops, public catering and trade places ( supermarkets), markets and other food production.

The main advantages of the meat saw with meat grinder JG-250:

  • The model is a floor-standing type. The body is made in the form of a prefabricated structure.
  • The saw is equipped with a meat grinder. The meat grinder has a “Syringe” attachment, a pusher, a knife set (auger, grid with a diameter of 60 mm with a hole diameter of 8 mm, a knife with 4 arms). The torque is constantly transmitted.
  • Movable work table, with the ability to secure (limit) movement. As additional convenience when using.
  • Safety limit switches on opening panels, “Reed switch” system.
  • Opening panels are also equipped with clamping mechanisms.

The external housing of the equipment completely covers all movable parts and assemblies. The installation of the electric motor and the electrical part of the equipment is hidden, which eliminates the entry of food residues.

The external closing panel of the saw blade is made in a single design for easy removal/installation of the blade and maintenance/cleaning of the pulleys. The driven wheel (pulley) has adjustments for tension and tilt of the blade - for more extended use of a variety of blades. The blade adjustment (tension) is made in the form of a handle under a spring mechanism.

The saw blade additionally has cleaning and stop devices for limitation. A system of protective stops is used for cutting the product. Types of stops:

  1. Side stop, for setting the cutting thickness of the product.
  2. Upper stop, serves to limit the height of the product, and also has guides for the saw blade.
  3. A movable stop serves to move the product towards the saw blade.

Control panel of the band saw with meat grinder JG-250 – “ button Start”, “Stop”, “Emergency stop”, power lamp. The control panel is located at the bottom of the main body, under the desktop.

The numerical value in the series determines the types of models (JG 210, JG 250, JG 300) and directly expresses the overall size according to the maximum “working height” of the saw blade of the equipment. The working height is indicated in millimeters.

If you have any questions, our online store consultants will definitely answer all your questions, and also help you choose and buy a band saw for meat.

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    Band saw for meat with meat grinder Foodatlas JG-250
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