Corrugated vacuum bag 20x30 cm (100 pcs)

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Vacuum corrugated bag 20x30cm (100 pcs) is used for storing a variety of products (meat, sausages, fish, poultry, seafood, etc.).

Reliable protection against the ingress of foreign objects, gases and odors can prevent the development of harmful microorganisms and preserve the original appearance of the product and its useful qualities.


The corrugated bag has one smooth side with a thickness of 95 microns, and the other directly corrugated with a thickness of 85 microns. Suitable for sous vide.

  • versatility, the bag fits any vacuum sealer;
  • strength to withstand mechanical loads;
  • freshness of products is maintained for a long time;
  • < li>competitive price on the market.

You can buy vacuum bags for a vacuum sealer at a competitive price on our website, just call or use the feedback form on the website .


If necessary, the packages can be equipped with a Euro-slot, allowing compact placement of sealed products.

  • name:
    Corrugated vacuum bag 20x30 cm (100 pcs)
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