Cream whipping machine MPV-60 (2 bowls)

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To mechanize the process of beating confectionery products and mixing them, you can use a cream whipping machine MPV-60 (2 bowls). It is suitable for preparing creams based on protein, eggs, cream, as well as creating meringues, mousses and other textures. You can use the equipment for kneading dough.

The cream whipping machine has proven itself to work in confectionery shops, small production shops, as well as restaurants, cafes, canteens, catering outlets and stores with their own culinary products.

Important features:

MPV-60 includes:

  • Two stainless steel bowls with a capacity of 60 l; 
  • Whickfor working with egg-sugar and protein-sugar mixtures, as well as whipping mousse and cream;
  • Paddle beater or spatula for evenly mixing pancake dough, preparing mayonnaise, cream;
  • Hook for working with yeast dough.
  • The equipment operates in semi-automatic mode. The bowl is raised and the rotation speed is selected by pressing the buttons. You can set the operating time of the device using a timer.
  • The bowl is made of high quality food steel, which does not require special care and also does not absorb foreign odors.
  • The presence of two containers allows for continuous the process of making a dish. While kneading ingredients in one bowl, another can be unloaded and loaded with new components.

Buy an MPV-60 cream whipping machine (2 bowls) or purchase other equipment at an adequate cost available on our company website. The manager will study the preferences of a particular client and, based on them, offer the best option. To place an order, just fill out the form on the website or call +7-351-20-20-135.

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    Cream whipping machine MPV-60 (2 bowls)
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