Culinary machine for rolling out dough MNRT-130/600

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Dough sheeter MNRT 130/600 is designed to mechanize the processes of rolling out various types of dough, incl. puff pastry, in the production of culinary and confectionery products.

The machine is a design typical for machines of this class, with a productivity of 130 kg/hour, i.e. two reversible conveyors and rolling rollers with adjustable gap. The gap between the rollers can be set from 1 to 70 mm. The width of the sheet of rolling dough is up to 600 mm inclusive.
When working on the machine, it is ensured that a uniformly rolled sheet of dough of the required thickness is obtained. The machine is used in food industry enterprises: confectionery, bakery, public catering. When not in use, the conveyors can be folded and fixed in a vertical position. The machine is installed on wheels and, if necessary, can be easily transported to another place.

Compared with dough sheeters of this class produced by the Kharkov and St. Petersburg plants, MNRT 130/600, produced by PTP "Stankostroitel", has a number of advantages.

For ease of control, a joystick manipulator has been introduced, with the help of which the direction of movement of the conveyors “reverse” is changed.
A special Italian-made transport belt with a thickness of 2.4 mm, consisting of 2- x fabric pads (polyester-cotton) with a layer of thermoplastic PVC. The surface of the belt has a light pile that holds a certain amount of flour and does not allow the dough piece to stick during rolling.

Scrapers that clean the rolling rollers from sticking dough are made of plastic, which provides better friction conditions compared to steel scrapers , which were installed previously.

The drive of the conveyors uses a new design of overrunning clutches, with the help of which the conveyors are reversed. The curved coupling hub profile provides more reliable operation and extends coupling life. The coupling hubs are manufactured on a CNC machine. Manufacturing precision determines the stable and precise operation of the overrunning clutches and the entire reversing mechanism as a whole.

The kinematic diagram of the machine has been changed. Chain sprockets with a number of teeth are used to ensure the nominal speed ratio of the feeding conveyor, rollers and receiving conveyor, which eliminates stretching and tearing of the dough layer when its thickness is small.

The reliability of the dough sheeter determines its long service life. In case of wear of parts, the company immediately sends spare parts upon the first request of the client.

Manufacturer - PTP "Machine Tool Builder".
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    Culinary machine for rolling out dough MNRT-130/600
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