Dough mixing machine TMM-140.2 two-speed (without bowl, stainless steel)

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The TMM-140.2 dough mixing machine is designed for batch mixing of semi-finished products and dough from wheat and rye flour with a moisture content of at least 35% in non-rotating rolling bowls with a capacity of 140 liters. The machine is used in bakery and confectionery enterprises.

A feature of this dough kneader is the operating mode and the use of non-contact sensors.

The TMM-140.2 dough kneader can operate in two modes:
1. The first rotation speed of the kneading machine organ  around its axis and along the perimeter of the bowl 52/14 revolutions per minute.
2. The second speed, respectively, 78/21 revolutions per minute.

Each speed can be set by the consumer on the control panel separately, or in automatic mode of switching the operation of the dough mixer from speed 1 to speed 2. The operation of a dough mixer with a two-speed mode allows the consumer to expand technological capabilities and improve product quality in the baking and confectionery industry.

The use of non-contact sensors eliminates the possibility of breakage of microswitches that control the position of the frame in the open and closed positions, in in case of failure of the dough mixer cycle. In general, this increases the reliability and trouble-free operation of the dough mixer.

Important! Delivered without bowl.

Manufacturer: Penzmash plant.
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    Dough mixing machine TMM-140.2 two-speed (without bowl, stainless steel)
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