Electric deck baking oven HEO-22 Foodatlas

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Designed for baking a wide range of:

  • wheat, rye-wheat pan and hearth bread
  • bakery products
  • flour confectionery products
  • prosphora, Easter cakes
  • for the preparation (heat treatment) of meat, fish, vegetables and other dishes.

In the baking chambers of HEO ovens, uniform heat is created a field that ensures uniform baking or uniform heat treatment of products in a still air environment. Due to their simplicity of design and versatility, HEO ovens have found wide application:

  • as the main equipment for small and medium-capacity bakeries
  • in confectionery shops
  • in catering establishments.

Compared with frying and baking ovens, HEO ovens have the following advantages:

  • Adjustable timer time from 1 to 99 min
  • high (180mm) baking chambers, allowing baking of tin bread, excluding burning of the top crust from contact with the top of the chamber (unlike baking cabinets)
  • individual installation and maintenance of temperature in each baking chamber
  • the delivery package does not include hearth sheets
  • simple, reliable design, high maintainability.
  • name:
    Electric deck baking oven HEO-22 Foodatlas
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