Semi-defatted deodorized soy flour

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Semi-defatted deodorized soy flour is produced from peeled and processed soybeans by mechanical pressing and high-speed grinding. This manufacturing method allows you to preserve the energy value of the protein, in particular, the content of fiber, vitamins and beneficial nutrients.

Areas of application

Flour has good emulsifying ability, so it can be used to make thermally stable emulsions that do not require fat separation. Due to this property, soy protein is used as a food additive in the baking and confectionery industries. It allows you to prolong the freshness of bread and other baked goods, improve the appearance of baked goods, reduce the consumption of eggs, animal fats, and dry milk during the cooking process.

Semi-defatted deodorized soy flour makes the dough suitable for machine processing , including the division into pieces of a certain mass. The presence of fats in the product provides a soft and delicate texture to the muffins, and proteins contribute to their fluffiness and uniform fine porosity.

In dumpling dough, flour can partially or completely replace egg powder. This makes it possible to improve the rheological properties of the dough, increasing its plasticity and elasticity.

It is worth buying semi-defatted deodorized soy flour for:

  • increasing the volume of dough by adding more water;
  • increasing the yield of bakery and confectionery products;
  • increasing the freshness retention period of finished products;
  • reducing dough losses in during machine processing;
  • giving the product a pleasant golden color and rich nutty smell.


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    Semi-defatted deodorized soy flour
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