Shrink bag 70 microdistrict 300*400 (100 pcs.)

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The 70 micron shrink bag is used for storing food and food products. They are used for packaging dairy products, semi-finished products, salads, meat and fish delicacies, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also intended for storing flower products, chemical and medical industry products.

Their main difference from conventional packaging is their ability to shrink when heated. Thanks to this, a vacuum is created inside, increasing the storage time. Ideal for freezing.


  • Versatility and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Can withstand sub-zero temperatures for a long time without loss of properties.
  • Durable and tear-resistant.
  • Maintain the presentation of products.
  • Have high optical properties.
  • Have a low cost.
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    Another advantage of shrink bags is the possibility of their use in devices for thermal processing of products. From the freezer, meat, fish, vegetables and other products are placed directly in bags into the oven or microwave and baked in their own juices. The temperature is set to no more than 180°C.

    Attention! The product is sold in packages. 1 package consists of 100 pieces of vacuum bags.

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    Shrink bag 70 microdistrict 300*400 (100 pcs.)
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