Textured soy flour 'Rosstex' F 3-5/P4

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Minimum order - bag. Weight - 20 kg.

Rosstex brand textured soy flour is intended for use in the meat processing industry to reduce production costs, replace meat raw materials and create structure inherent in coarsely ground products.

The use of soy textured protein has the following advantages:

  • replacement of raw meat;
  • cost reduction products;
  • preserving the juiciness of meat products;
  • creating a texture close to the texture of coarsely ground products;
  • reducing weight loss of meat products during heat treatment.
  • Technological process.

    The advantages of using Rosstex brand soy textured protein are ease of use and the absence of lengthy additional technological operations preparation. When using textured soy proteins, the technological process does not change. Hydration of textured soy proteins is carried out in technological containers, filling the protein with cold water with appropriate hydration. Hydration time is 15-25 minutes. The shelf life of textured hydrated soy proteins is no more than 24 hours at a temperature not exceeding 8 C. Due to the high degree of hydration, the use of Rosstex brand proteins in the technological process can be carried out without preliminary hydration. Those. by simultaneously adding dry Rosstex brand texturate and water into the mixer to hydrate it.

    Packaging and storage.

    Textured soy proteins are packed in paper bags. Storage of textured soy proteins in clean, dry and well-ventilated rooms, without foreign odors, at a temperature not exceeding 25 C and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

    Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production, subject to storage conditions in undamaged transport packaging.

  • name:
    Textured soy flour 'Rosstex' F 3-5/P4
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