Vacuum packer DZ-650 Foodatlas Eco (with vibrating table)

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Vacuum packer DZ-650 Foodatlas Eco is used to create vacuum packaging, which promotes long-term storage of the product and protects it from oxidation and rotting.

When you press the lid of the vacuum body, the machine automatically performs the following processes: vacuum extraction, aeration of ordered intended vacuum extraction processes, internal gas aeration, sealing, printing, cooling and aeration, packaging product distribution according to the package (vibrating table).

In order to create vacuum packaging, just place the product in a thick plastic bag, place it in the chamber of the vacuum machine, and press the button. The system will pump out the air and also seal the seams tightly. Airless space guarantees the preservation of freshness of products and protection from the entry of harmful microorganisms.

Single-chamber floor-standing vacuum machines are most often used in the food industry, as well as in shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. Vacuumers are necessary for the production and sale of products that are perishable.

Packaging item:

  • perishable foods;
  • meat;
  • fish;
  • cheeses;
  • butter;
  • sliced fruits, vegetables, meat or cheese.

It is the contact of the product with oxygen that causes natural decomposition. With single-chamber machines for vacuum packaging, you can forget that butter quickly deteriorates, mold and dangerous plaque appear on cheese and cold cuts.

When choosing a model of a floor-standing single-chamber machine, you need to focus on the production capacity that is required for the organization. In order to correctly select the model of a single-chamber degasser, you will need accurate data from the production facility where the installation will be used. Based on the production capacity of the company, you should study the technical characteristics of vacuum degassers and compare production volumes and packaging capabilities of the machine.


It is necessary to connect an air compressor (the recommended air compressor capacity is 150 l/h).

The air compressor is not included in the package.


    < li>The equipment is supplied without oil. Using a vacuum pump without oil will cause it to break down in no time. Before starting, make sure that the oil has been filled (300-400 ml).
  • Fill oil only through the oil filler neck.
  • Oil mist of high temperature and pressure is generated in the oil tank.
  • If the oil fill hole is open, oil mist may cause burns. If the oil filler plug is unscrewed, the vacuum pump may stop working.

    Oil for vacuum pumps can be viewed here.

    Together with a vacuum sealer, it is convenient to immediately purchase vacuum bags, films, substrates, components, and spare parts. All this is in the assortment of the Foodatlas company

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    Vacuum packer DZ-650 Foodatlas Eco (with vibrating table)
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