Vacuum packer DZQ-500/2SC Foodatlas Eco

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The DZQ-500/2SC Foodatlas Eco vacuum packer is designed for packaging products of plant and animal origin. Packaging of liquid, powder, and paste products is also possible. They protect against the formation of mold, rot, and oxidation.

They also preserve the freshness and quality of products, extending their shelf life.

DZQ vacuum packers are used for commercial purposes in catering establishments, restaurants, supermarkets, and in the production of semi-finished meat and flour products.

Type of material use - soft packaging materials (PP vacuum bag, PE, PET).

Features of the DZQ-500 vacuum sealer:

  • Electronic control panel with vacuum gauge;
  • Vacuum pump with oil removal function fog;
  • Wide temperature range of the welding bar;
  • Automatic fixation of the cover when the automation process begins;
  • Replaceable vacuum chamber;
  • Availability buttons for emergency shutdown of equipment.

Chamber type of equipment. The equipment may have one or two vacuum chambers. For two-chamber packers, there is also a division for the location of the chamber (one on the main body of the equipment, the second in the body of the movable lid)

For the DZQ series, the kit additionally includes a system dryer and a reducer for connecting inert gas . Inert gas supply nozzles are installed in the evacuation chamber. The number of nozzles in the chamber varies from 2 to 12 pieces, depending on the increase in the size of the chamber, the number of nozzles also increases. The control panel includes an additional function for saturating the chamber with inert gases.

Wide temperature setting range allows expansion and use of various packaging materials. A special feature is the additional possibility of setting the date on the weld.

Numerical markings indicate the length of the welding bar. But the width remains unchanged and is 10 mm. Additional letter designations of brands that have expanded functionality:

HB – Increased vacuum chamber A – Increased pump power F – Tabletop version H – Floor-standing version SD – Vacuum chamber located on the main table SC – Vacuum chamber in the equipment cover < /p>


  • Fully automated process of a given operating algorithm;
  • High productivity;
  • Durability components and assemblies;
  • Availability and ease of maintenance;
  • The body and internal parts are made entirely of stainless steel.

Equipment , without fail, undergoes the procedure for obtaining permits and compliance with technical regulations “On the safety of machinery and equipment” and meets the requirements of TR CU 010, 020, 004.

If you have any questions, then our online store consultants will definitely answer all your questions and also help you choose and buy a vacuum sealer.

Together with a vacuum sealer, it is convenient to immediately purchase vacuum bags, films, substrates, components, and spare parts. All this is in the assortment of the Foodatlas company

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    Vacuum packer DZQ-500/2SC Foodatlas Eco
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