Bread form 5L11 (5x330 grams)

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5L11 bread molds are used for baking rye, wheat, rye-wheat, peeled, bran, protein and protein-free breads.

5L11 bread baking molds are made of aluminum alloys by injection molding. This method allows you to obtain forms with a smooth surface. The smooth surface helps to save lubrication oil and makes it easier to clean off carbon deposits. Finished baked goods are easier to release from a mold with a smooth surface. The weight of the bread depends on the type of dough and the type of flour used in the recipe. For example, in the same form, bread made from wheat flour will have a lighter weight compared to rye bread.

  • Total dimensions 516 x 145 x 100 mm.
  • Dimensions of each form L11 145 x 100 x 100 mm

Bread form No. 11

  • made of high-grade wheat flour 0.33 kg
  • from wheat flour 1st grade 0.38 kg
  • from wheat flour 2nd grade 0.40 kg
  • Wheat failure 0.49 kg
  • Rye -wheat 0.55 kg
  • Plain rye 0.57 kg
  • Custard rye 0.62 kg
  • Borodinsky 0.60 kg
  • 5L11 baking molds comply with GOST 17327-95.

    At the buyer’s request, the molds are arranged in two-, three-, four-, five-section and any other configurations with or without handles.

  • name:
    Bread form 5L11 (5x330 grams)
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